8/15/2020: The company using the domain (what appears to be a Chinese company), LoucksStudiosInc.com isn't our domain anymore

Posted by Lisa Chistenson on

Theft of our IP seems to becoming a daily thing, is that happening to you too?
Do you know the costs and legal expense, time it takes to make reports, discuss your attorney, file complaints with the agencies that represent these thieves and impostors?

I decided it might bring a faster result to start listing these offenders, their crime against our company, and thefts.


Complaints filed with Namesilo.com their Registrar, Dedipath.com their host, they've been put on notice of their crime.

What did they do? 
They purchased LoucksStudiosInc.com, an old domain name we owned. Hardly a problem, EXCEPT when you use a trade name of the business to promote and do what appears to be a gambling and bed, linen and *** other activities shop. 


Below is a screenshot evidence of this company using our company name, they are not Loucks Studios, Inc., we are. This is illegal. Look at the URL:


This is a screenshot evidence that I did file a report, and as requested a follow up report through their abuse portal:


Loucks Studios, Inc. is a  Minnesota Corporation, we are not affiliated in anyway or form to the company using the LouckstudiosInc.com domain, they are not us. We are publishers of fine books and booksellers. This appears to be a gambling site with other *** photos we have documented. Do not buy or use services at LoucksStudiosInc.com and then come to us since we are not related nor do we have any knowledge of who these people are. This is a matter for the International Cybercrime Teams. Again: Loucks Studios, Inc., a legal S-Corp registered in the state of Minnesota, is not the company that populates when you enter the domain: LoucksStudiosInc.com. We are not responsible in any way or form for what this impostor company is displaying on the domain that is infringing on our registered trademark parent company, and common trademarks.  Report further piracy to: Lisa@LisaLC.com

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