Book Trailer for Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson

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Book Trailer for Lisa Loucks Christenson's Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series, an ongoing Ghost Town Saga set in the blufflands of SE Minnesota. WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS.

Publisher: Snowy River Press™

Series written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Book One, Timber Wolves Flood Rescue, a 2009 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Two, Tremble Creek Tornado, a 2011 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Three, In Search of Spirit Wolf, a 2012 Nanowrimo Winner, #2 International Best Seller

Book Four, Wolf Eyes, a 2013 Nanowrimo Winner, #1 International Best Seller

Book Five, Soul of a Cougar: Summer with Me Ha Toc, 2014 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Six, Soul of a Cougar: Navigating Never Sink Creek, 2015 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Seven, For the Love of Termite Bridge, 2016 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Eight, Turn-Again Creek Beauty Pageant, 2017 Nanowrimo Winner

Book Nine, January's Wind Chill (scheduled for fall of 2018)

Book Ten, Cattle Rustler's of North Branch (scheduled for fall of 2019)

Book Eleven, Winter Wolves (scheduled for fall of 2020)

Book Twelve, Legend of the Med-City Rattlesnake Man (scheduled for fall of 2021)

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