Bow Wow Detectives® and Story Antics® Sign a Deal to Create Personalized Books

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11/17/2021: Bow Wow Detectives® and Story Antics® sign new deal to create personalized books, comics, and animation films are scheduled to release in 2024 and 2025.

The number one best-selling and award-winning Bow Wow Detectives creator is Lisa Loucks-Christenson, Lisa will be animating the new films featuring her characters and original stories. 

Valentine's Adventures™ series and award-winning and number one best-selling book Don't Eat Bees! and the sequel, Heaven Can Rest (release date 2022) are all signed for this new line of titles, adding 14 new children's books to the Story Antics® catalog co-published with Bow Wow Detectives® and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson using watercolor for Valentine's Adventures™ and pastels for Don't Eat Bees! and Heaven Can Rest!. Loose art, exhibits, and is merchandise will be available at:

Silver Lake Books, Peacock Books, and Old Country Cross Christian Bookstores in Rochester, Minnesota.


Bow Wow Detectives® Trailer (updated) and more in the works.

The Bow Wow Detectives® books, ebooks, art, photos, Photo Traders™, art cards, are sold through Peacock Books™, Silver Lake Books™, Old Country Cross Christian Bookstore, and other stores carrying the Lisa Loucks-Christenson Product Line.

(800) 928-2372 toll free

New series and book lines starting in n 2022-2023.


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