New Comic Released: Toads of Telemark by Creator, Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Toads of Telemark™ first comic in series

Toads of Telemark™, Vol. 1, Narrow Escape Cover

You can purchase this comic panel as a print, or license for use in your publication. Contact licensing: (800) 928-2372. 

The message/theme for this series is: Christian Faith

 Publisher: CoyWolf Entertainment™

Catalog  #TOT1-000001

Date: 11/01/2021

Series: Toads of Telemark

4x4 Print image on a 4x6 paper, signed



Huevember is a daily art challenge that takes place during the month of November. This year, Lisa is launching her Toads of Telemark™, a Christian comic. Once the book is completed, and so far, the comic sketch book, Narrow Escape, #1, is on track for a November 30, 2021 completion date, it will be published. Lisa is creating this series on 3x3 Post-it notes, one of her favorite paper sizes. The story line follows Jessica Duke Film Star (left) and Jasper Traine (Jessica Duke's guardian angel).


Narrow Escape Blurb:

After an accident, a toad who goes by the name, Jasper Traine, is given the choice to remain in Toad Heaven or return to earth to remain with the love of his life, Jessica Duke Film Star, if he will continue to spread God's words.

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