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"His Queen is coming and bringing the swarm!"

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"His Queen is coming and bringing the swarm!"

The Courtly Cottontails find a broken bee, he's been crushed by a Big 5 Dipper in the sky. He'll be OK, the queen bee answers all distress calls, stolen book content, titles to book series, federally trademarked publisher brand, more. She's never alone, and not a single bee will fall without her by their side. 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's book Don't Eat Bees! and the series Don't Eat Bees!™ publisher Bow Wow Detectives® found a book using their title (not usually an issue, ever except when it's a series and protected by the legal trademark and the publisher's federally registered trademark. 

That and the same cover as Lisa's and the same words used on the solo page inside are the same as Lisa's award-winning and number one best-selling title, with more books and art for sale.

Lisa owns the domains;, the sequel, and other domains she's used to promote her series and books. 

She's invested in radio ads, magazine ads, promotions, art cards, Photo Traders™, the books, the works to find out Sunday, November 28, 2021, another author and illustrator have copied her words, her personal handwritten title, and more. 

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