Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate News — New Dog Heroes in History Launching in 2019 for the Bow Wow Detectives®

Updated MP4 for the Bow Wow Detectives®

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Updated MP4 for the Bow Wow Detectives®

Lisa Loucks Christenson is the Creator of the Bow Wow Detectives® Here's the updated MP4 about the upcoming series Lisa is launching in the fall of 2018 and in 2019!

Bow Wow Detectives® products exclusive products can be purchased at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art in the Kahler Grand Hotel, Shop #1, Rochester, Minnesota

Silver Lake Books™ in River Center Plaza, North Broadway, Rochester, Minnesota

Amazon sells the Bow Wow Detectives® Story Preview Editions, worldwide and sometimes, exclusively, depending on the quarter of the year.

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