Winter Wolves, Book Eleven, Wolves of Whitewater Falls Blurb

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Winter Wolves, Book Eleven, Wolves of Whitewater Falls

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

NaNoWrimo 2020 

I believed in, trusted, and counted on you. I did what you said. Did you miss my call? Was there another reason you didn’t answer? 

Annie packed her gear. The eagles were down river showing no interest in sitting around their nest, but it wasn’t nesting time, yet. She looked down the river and walked to the wind-twisted cottonwood that must have been 100-years-old, with bark as deep as her entire hand’s length. She tightened her hands along the newly installed cables running from the tree to another tree on the other side of No Need Creek. Then she heard a gunshot. Followed by another shot. She looked up the bluff where the gunshots rang out and shook her head. Warning shots again. 

She was tired of being afraid. This time, she was crossing over. 

God, if you have to, stop me, do so, but do it by sending in the wolves. The winter wolves I saw yesterday on the ridge.

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