Films, Shorts, & Animations by Lisa Loucks-Christenson



Films, Shorts, and Animations by Lisa Loucks-Christenson 


Lisa Loucks-Christenson Documentaries:

Eagles of Whitewater Documentary | Release Date: TBA

Floods of 2007: Whitewater/Elba, Minnesota Documentary | Release: N/A

Winter Bugs! Documentary (book and film) | Release: N/A


Lisa Loucks-Christenson Shorts, Animations:

Lightning Delivery! (Book & Animation) Release: N/A

Nitoti™ (Animation) |Release: N/A

Carpie Koi™ Release: N/A

Bow Wow Detectives® in the Haunted Gazebo Campout Mystery | Release: N/A



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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson, Rochester, Minnesota