Corporate & Newswire Photojournalist

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a media member of the ASMP, NATJA, photojournalist, reporter, content creator, host of podcasts and radio shows.

Lisa covers all weather, all assignments, and is highly trained in low-light, no-light photography, long-range distance photos.

Lisa shoots: digital, 35mm, 2 1/4, 4x5, all brands, all formats, all formats, film and video.

Photoshop, servers, private secured access to your photos. 24.7 

Rates are dependent on work. Studios in two locations, secured premises.

Confidential assignments. Investigative reporting. I shoot the truth and write the incidents as I document them. You can't buy my words or change with any amount of money what I see and document. 

My network, combined: over 1/2 million - 1m hits per month. I don't accept advertising.  Three bricks & mortar stores, private woods, guest house.

Film options available on several books/documentaries (raw footage).

Recently purchased assets to, worldwide marketplace for selling books.

I own over 300 titles, I've created about 180 of these, personally. I create at least one book a month. Many books are in holdings for upcoming book auctions.

Over 125K books new and used in inventory, with another 100K incoming in 2022.

Over 1M stock photos I've shot of lifestyles, education, our presidents, First Lady, food, portraits, pets, animals, livestock, wildlife, cities, rural America, Americana, more.

Over 1500 hours of raw video wildlife, night scenes, holidays, more.

My gallery bookstores feature my documentaries, no other artists, and different exhibits throughout the year.

Hundreds of interviews with celebrities, authors, entertainers: Charlie Daniels, Porter Wagoner, Jean Craighead George, Eddie Money, Jim Owen, Dick & Dee Dee, Tom Wilson (Ziggy), many more.

Film and Animation studios with films in progress. Nitoti™, Carpie's Big Splash, Bow Wow Detectives®, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, more.

Lisa creates 1-4 comics per day. Her comics are syndicated. If you want to carry them reach out to our licensing: (800) 928-2372

Courtly Cottontails™ May 2020

Books are published under The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails™ May 2020

Toads of Telemark™ November 2021

Redneck Woods™ (2022)

Daedee & Dancer: Sky Eagles (2022)




Call (800) 928-2372 for licensing.

Credits: (partial)

Christian Schools International

Clean Fiction Magazine

HSUS: Kind News

Self Magazine

Woman's World

Esquire Magazine

Diversion Magazine

Jerk King



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Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound

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WEAU Channel 13 News  Eau Claire, Wisconsin

NBC-KTTC Channel 12 News

ABC News KAAL- Channel 6 News

KIMT Channel 3 News / Allen Media Broadcasting, LLC

Plainview News

Times Plain Dealer

many more.