Lisa Loucks Christenson Books

Lisa Loucks Christenson Books & Series
Children's Books
Bow Wow Detectives® Real Towns USA Series
Brindle Sweet Fangs
Harley Hippo & the Crane Game
Here Dragon, Dragon
Silk: Adventures of Jumping Spider
Who Ate the Moon?

Middle Grade|
Haley's Secret
Bow Wow Detectives®
Girls From the Woods™
Meow Meow Detectives™
Owls of Huoulah™
River Critters' Brigade™
Young Adult Ages 
Beaver Creek Carajou
Faith Like a Song Series
Robinwood Ridge Series
Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series
Lisa's Award-winning Women's Christian Fiction
Carousel Riders
Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek 
Moment in Time
Narrow Paths
The Model Maker

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