Premade Book Covers by Lisa LC

The majority of Lisa’s personal books on this site were designed by Lisa, using her photos. The images used on Lisa’s Premade Book Covers are created from her own photo collection, models, pets, wildlife she has photograped and hold 100% rights to. 

Lisa shoots covers, and, like most of her photo assignments—to your specific requests—when possible using models she works with, or yours. All images are model, property, and animal (property) released.  

Models can send their rate cards, tear sheets to Lisa to be kept on file for upcoming assignments. 

All premade covers are licensed either exclusive or non-exclusive. All premade covers are offered without restriction to print on swag, clothing, bookmarks, anything you sell with your cover image (IE: you may not isolate the art and reproduce tee shirts, it must be the entire image with the title) we’ll even help you design your swag, author book marks, photo trading card. Lisa does not require you to purchase extended licenses to use your covers, you don’t have to worry or track every sale. When you buy Lisa’s covers they are yours for your lifetime, she owns the copyrights, design copyrights, but you may use them—forever—over and over. Lisa can help you create your boxed sets too.

Lisa’s photos are licensed for books, magazines, advertisements, worldwide. 

Here are some of her credits:

 A Lot of Fun and Games
Allured Publishing
Career World
Christian Schools International
Grolier, Inc.
Harcourt Brace
HCBI /Marnach House
Holt, Rinehart Winston
HSUS/Kind News
KAAL /Winter Bugs! Exhibit KBEAU-13 Eau Claire | Eagle Documentary Kettle Fudge, LLC
Kirschoff/ Wohlberg
KTTC | House Fire Photos) Feb. 2009
KTTC | Elba Flooding (August 2007)
KTTC | Lisa's Bald Eagle Story (May 2008)
KTTC Bald Eagle Fledging | July 2008.
Lynn Stone Images
Marshall Cavendish Minnesota Bound | Ron Schara’s
My Creative Company
National Eagle Center | Lisa's Winter Bugs! Exhibit
National Eagle Center | Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary
Nursery Retailer Magazine
PDN Photo District News
Pearson Education
Post-Bulletin / Marsh project & eagles
Post-Bulletin /Winter Bugs project
Rigby Education
Rochester Visitor/ Winter Bugs! exhibit
Self Magazine The Big Wild | Eagle Project 2017 The Big Wild | Eagle Project 2015
The Big Wild | Eagle Project 2009
The Big Wild / Eagle Project 2008
The Big Wild / Eagle Project 2007
Times Plain Dealer
Travel World International
Trips and Journey's
Value Tec Card Solutions
Woman's World
Writer's Digest
Writer's Weekly The Glacier Stops Here The Big Wild (Eagle Project Year 5) April 2009
The Big Wild / Eagle Project Year 3
The Big Wild / Eagle Project Year 4
Times Plain Dealer
Travel World International
Trips and Journey's
Value Tec Card Solutions
Woman's World

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