Books, Materials, & Stock Photos

Books, Stock Photos, Exhibits by Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

Lisa's art, books, photos, educational materials are available for licensing, worldwide through Lisa Loucks-Christenson Syndicate(SM).

Lisa writes, illustrates, and develops: educational material, films, animations, podcasts, and exhibits for publishers seeking: baby/toddler, children, middle grade, young adult books, adult secular or Christian fiction, non-fiction stories, wildlife documentaries, and exhibits. 

Look through Lisa's book collections to locate books about: animals, angels, birds, business, documentaries,  foods, insects, history, mammals, mysteries, nature, science, supernatural, suspense, time travel, travel, westerns and more. 

• All of Lisa’s stock photo images and illustrations are Rights-Manged (RM) 

• Lisa licenses photos and stock footage for book trailers that coincide with the stock images, when possible from her lifetime collection 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is published by hundreds of publishers. Her award-winning, and bestselling titles are published under her real name, and Lisa writing as Lisa Loucks Christenson, and L.L. Christenson. 

Lisa's books, ebooks, films are licensed to her publishers.