Glass Slipper Serials™️



Glass Slipper Serials™️ Is an imprint Book Entree™

The serials are published as episodes of various ongoing series or are published as 3-6 episodes per book in a long-running series. The complete books for any series are sold under other imprints, if published as a book or ebook. 

IE: Lisa’s Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series are sold both as episodes and books, but as each completed book is (approx. 75K words, each). After each books episodes have released, the full books are sold under Snowy River Press™️. 

All titles under Glass Slipper serials end in cliffhanger endings until the end of the series or book. Each series is different, some run 500 words, new episode daily M-F, some run 2500 words, some run 18-25K words. 


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