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Cross Creek Books™
Christian imprint for Middle Grade and Young Adults
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Cross Creek YA Books™ Young Adult books for ages 13+


Snowy River Press™. Ebooks Christian and Family-Friendly titles


Snowy River Books

Snowy River Books™

Bow Wow Detectives® 
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Meow Meow Detectives™
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Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™ 
The story of the eagles of Whitewater

This site features and promotes all of the work written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Lisa's books, ebooks, episodes, serials, award-winning short stories, photo sets, trading cards sets are listed as: pre-order, available, coming soon, out of stock, unavailable, out of print, or listed as available in Lisa's private library.

 If you have questions on the availability, please call us (800) 928-2372 or check back. Books are licensed under strict licensing agreements for a contracted time period of time, and new work is available through her publishers.

Lisa's work is categorized and published by Book Entree™, CoyWolf Entertainment, and other publishers.


Bow Wow Detectives®, Grades 3 and up

Cross Creek Books™ : Middle Grade for ages 8 and Up;  Young Adult for ages 13 and up. 

Fly Up Books™: Ages 0 to 21, most genres

Glass Slipper Serials™: All ages, different genres, short serial fiction that continues into long-running series 

Meow Meow Detectives™, Grades 3 and up

Old Wild West Books | Ages 8 and Up, Westerns, Outdoors

Pickled Eggs Press™️:  Stories that uplift and entertain 

Snowy Creek Serials™ Christian Serial Fiction

Snowy River Books™ :Christian Fiction Books

Snowy River Press™: Christian Fiction episodes

TEAP Teacher Educational Activity Programs, Ages 3 and Up, nature, science, reading, activities, puzzles, and more.

Waiting Room to Heaven™️: All ages, inspirational

White Wolf Creek™: Lisa's Non-Fiction, wildlife, nature, nature art, exhibits

Lisa Loucks Christenson's non-fiction  art, art cards, books, e-books, films, educational sets, wildlife documentaries, wildlife photos are sold at: Lisa Loucks ChristensonWhite Wolf Creek™, Peacock Books, and Silver Lake Books. Select books, ebooks, episodes, art, cards listed on this site are sold regionally, worldwide, or exclusively through our relationships with customers, stores, gift shops, schools, colleges, distributors, and vendors relationships built over 30+ years.

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