Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate


Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate

Lisa's a member of American Society of Media Photographers, (ASMP), North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), and the Professional Photographers of American (PPA). Lisa writes and shoots photography and video for major publications, news outlets, and her own publishing house and imprints. 

The corporate bookstores and art galleries feature her wildlife documentaries and exhibits. Her work reaches thousands of international travelers as they pass through Rochester, Minnesota each week. Lisa's work is sold as loose or matted prints, art cards, pillows, shirts, totes, Photo Traders, art cards, books, e-books and more.

In March of 2021, Lisa purchased all the assets of Story Antics® an Australian company and became the new developmental expansion director, president and ceo. Lisa's developing her own line of personalized books to sell with the 18 titles included in the sale of the assets.

Story Antics Personalized Books is the USA site for purchasing personalized books featuring characters you know. Lisa's children's book marketplace for authors worldwide to place a listing and sell their books, opens to the big five publishers in November 2021.

Lisa reviews the listings for books that appear on the site for books she selects for inclusion into her bookstores and for authors and illustrator she'd like to interview for her live shows and written interviews on her networked sites. 

Lisa covers: 

Breaking News, investigative reporting, environmental crime, outdoor news, lifestyles, travel, food and drink, wildlife behavior.

Her radio shows are broadcast live and podcasts are pre-recorded.

Book Divas Author Show: authors

AmeriCause™: causes, non-profits, people who need a platform to tell their story

Hope River Radio™: Christian radio and shows

Lisa LC Show: Lisa's variety show 

Lisa's Walk the Talk Show: entertainers, music artists 


Lisa's Stock Library:

During her lifetime Lisa's shot over one million images while covering her stories, documentaries, lifestyles, personal work.

Wildlife footage

Wildlife Exhibits


Lisa's Comics: Syndicated

   • Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails™

   • Toad of Telemark™  (Christian content) 

   • Redneck Woods™ Keeping Them  Local™ 

   • Bow Wow Detectives® 

   • Hallowink Hollow™

   • Sky Angels: Dancer & Daedee


Lisa owns the exclusive rights to all of her work, illustrations, shows, and broadcasts. All of her content is licensed.