Lisa's Exhibits and Speaking Engagements

Lisa Loucks Christenson Exhibits and Speaking Engagements


November 2018 Lisa's Winter Bugs Exhibit returns to Rochester and will be on display at Silver Lake Books™ located in River Center Plaza at 1621 North Broadway, Rochester, Minnesota. Order loose signed giclee prints, Winter Bugs Photo Traders, and art cards. Exhibit hours run Sundays through Spring, Noon to 4 PM.

August 2018 Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson 

A rotating selection of images from Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary are on display on the walls of the bookstore. Giclee prints, art cards can be custom ordered and purchased at the store during business hours.

Lisa sells her prints, and most of her work exclusively through her independent bookstores, and online websites the brands and divisions of Loucks Studios, Inc. 

7/3/16 Lisa is working on her book series, Wolves of Whitewater Falls™, her eagle documentary, and 8H. New of new exhibits, releases will be updated when available.


3/21/14 The Glacier Stops HereTHE GLACIER STOPS HERE EVENT Lisa will be speaking 3/21/14 at 4 p.m., 10 a.m. and noon on 3/22/14, Saturday at the event about her Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™, now in her10th year, and her other wildlife studies, and her Winter Bugs book. Lisa will be at her booth during the show, when not speaking. Stop by and meet the Eagle Lady.



Monday, August 8, 2011 (Rochester, Minn.)  Lisa announces Story Souls(tm) her newest art/book/exhibit/film project featured on her Lisa's Walk The Talk Road Show, her Web sites, and the newly formed Web site. The Work is an ongoing series, a unique collection of her artwork in many styles and mediums, all original art, including sketches,  digital drawings, oil paintings, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics, pastels, and photos depicting her documentary-style capturing the beauty and story she sees stirring inside the souls of injured animals, birds, insects she's encountered, both wild and captive. 


Saturday, July 16, 2011 Lisa will be at her gallery, WHITE WOLF CREEK located at 2020 Spring Street, Stockholm, right at the entrance to the park hosting the Stockholm Art Fair. At 2 p.m., Lisa will be doing a presentation on her eagle documentary, now in her seventh year. Rain or Shine

2011 Spring Fresh Art Tour

Lisa Loucks Christenson's White Wolf Creek Gallery is SITE 14 on the Spring 2011 Fresh Art Tour.  May 13-15, Stockholm, Wisconsin. 

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary has been featured on local and regional television, regional and national radio, featured in newspapers, magazines, and exhibited at The National Eagle Center and at her galleries in Rochester, MN and Stockholm, Wisconsin.  She began year seven with the bald eagles of her documentary on 1-1-2011.



4/1/09 Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary will be leaving The National Eagle Center this next week and moving to White Wolf Creek Gallery in Stockholm, WI. 


Come see Lisa's newly featured images that includes coverage documented during years 1-5 on the private lives of her main pair of eagles, and their neighboring eagles.


3/29/09 Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary is featured on Ron Schara's MN Bound this week: Ron Schara's MN Bound


Look for more eagle coverage on April 10-12 when Lisa is a guest on The Big Wild The Big Wild

KTTC ran an update of Lisa's Eagle Journey (air date 7/11/08) Life in the Nest


Follow along on Lisa's bald eagle documentary by reading her blog at <a href="" Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary



Lisa's Winter Bugs Exhibit is moving to White Wolf Creek Gallery and will open late April 2009 to coincide with the release of her book Winter Bugs The Exhibit.


Come view Lisa’s private collection of over 200+ photo images of insects and spiders, both land and aquatic, documented in their native Minnesota winter habitat.


All of these insects and spiders were photographed while Loucks-Christenson was working on her documentary Walk The Burn, in the Whitewater Management Area during the winter of 2005, to March 20, 2006.

Many of the insects and spiders she discovered both on land and in the marshes were smaller than a grain of sand. Loucks-Christenson used her collection of digital cameras and microphotography recording equipment to capture moments in time with these miniscule creatures going about their daily lives; while enduring freezing to sub-zero temperatures – some days were as cold as 37 below zero, with wind chill.

It’s important to note that no homes were uprooted, and no rocks or logs were overturned to find subjects by Loucks-Christenson, with the exception of times when she went through the thin ice in search of her aquatic subjects.

In some images, you may notice insects sitting atop grasses that were torn by coyotes that traveled her project paths in the twilight hours; other images show the lives of insects and spiders walking across fresh deer scrapes.

All life was photographed as found on the ground surface, undersides of leaves, on tree trunks and branches, walking across the snow, under the surface of thin ice, or in the openings in the ice, where other wildlife or Loucks-Christenson went through the ice while crossing the marshes.

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