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Lisa Loucks-Christenson is the host of Lisa's Walk The Talk Show.

Lisa brings to her listening audience the heartfelt stories shared by her featured guests. Lisa interviews celebrities, entertainers, authors, and people and places from all over the world. Her one-hour show reaches deep inside the lives of those she interviews by way of her easy, approachable, down-to-earth style that is classically,"Lisa."


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From the Archives:

Lisa's Walk The Talk Show Banner Year 2

Lisa's Walk The Talk Show (formerly on Nixa)

Lisa's Walk The Talk Show aired on Nixa Country Radio (formerly)

Porter Wagoner on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show

Porter Wagoner aired on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show 11/16/2007.


Kathy Ireland aired on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show    Kathy Ireland aired on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show on 8/17/2007. 

Mitchell Nevin on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show

 Mitchell Nevin aired on Lisa's Walk The Talk Show 11/28/2013.




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 Lisa Loucks Christenson presenting Charlie Daniels with the eagle she named for him, "Daniels Charlie," (all eaglets at nest 1 start with a "D." November 2008.


Lisa's Walk The Talk Show Guests: (partial)

Aaron Neville

Aaron Tippin

Alex Kendrick /Fireproof


Ansel Brown

Asleep at the Wheel

B. J. Daniels

Beverly Swerling

Billy Gilman

Bobby Bare

Brad Avery / Third Day

Bryan White

Captain and Tennille

Carnie Wilson

Charlie Daniels

Chris Gray

Chris Jones

Corb Lund

Crista Lynn

David Cooler

Dee Dee Phelps (Dick & Dee Dee)

Dennis Morgan

Dick McVey

Dick Pralls

Dr. Toys/ StevAnn Auerbach

Eddie Money


Flashes of Hope

Gerry Gavin

Hal Ketchum

Jack Witteveen

Jean Craighead George

Jeff Guidry

Jenna Petersen/Jess Michaels

Jim Owen

Joanna Wayne

John Tigert

Jordie Lane

Kari Townsend

Kathy Ireland

Kelly Brock

Kim Anthony and Midnite Rodeo

Kirk W. Boland

Lee Brice

Lenny Leblanc

Lost & Found Band

Mark Bego

Mickey Gilley

Miko Marks

Mitchell Nevin

Moot Davis

Pam Tillis

Paul McCormick

Pete Anderson (Little Dog Records)

Porter Wagoner

Ray Stevens

Ron Felber

Rhonda Towns

Richie McDonald (Lonestar)

Rivers Rutherford

Rush of Fools

Rustie Blue

Sandra Catena

Shauna Fleming /

Stan Silver

Terry Lee Bolton

The Bellamy Brothers

The Statler Brothers

Tom Wilson / creator of Ziggy

Van Preston

Way Cross



Will you be traveling in or near Rochester, Minnesota? We are always looking for guests with intriguing backgrounds and stories to share. Do you have a new release? A new book? A holiday story? If so, let us know who you are. Send your pitch along with your contact information. The review process can take weeks because Lisa personally reviews all submissions, information sent for guest consideration. Under no circumstances do we accept any payment for air time, all costs are paid by Lisa.

All guests are selected by Lisa's review process. Please pitch us first before sending any books, CDs, and include detailed information about you, your story, band, organization. If your story is of a time-sensitive, call us. (866) 562-5125 toll free. If you would like to be considered as a featured guest on an upcoming broadcast, please send us your absolute best pitch. Tell us why you are the perfect guest for our show. We appreciate those who wait for a reply, but understand sometimes there just isn't time to wait. If that's you, or your band, organization etc., please use the form below, email, include your letter of permission to air, along with your book, CD, and / or information to: Lisa's Walk the Talk Show, May - August Interviews, PO BOX 9177, Rochester, MN 55903. Email pitches to: If you email but don't get a reply in a few days, please resend your email.