Pilot & Ranger Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Catalog Page: Pilot & Ranger

Medium: Original Watercolor

Author & Illustrator: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Genre: Wildlife Adventure Fiction

Ages: 6 and Up

Publisher: Fly Up Books™


After Pilot and Ranger's parents leave them to their own adventures for the day the two brothers investigate a world they never knew existed – outside of their nest tree, but will they make it home before dark? 



Title: Pilot & Ranger: Long Flight Home

Number in Series: Book Two

Author:  Lisa Loucks Christenson

Illustrator: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Cover & Design: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Medium: Watercolor Illustrations

©2007-2019 Lisa Loucks Christenson All Rights Reserved

Age Group: 7 and up

Genre: Wildlife Adventures Facts & Fiction™ 

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-

When a controlled burn rages out of control, destroying thousands of acres of woods and Pilot & Ranger's nest tree, a fireman discovers the flying squirrels and brings them to safety ––  but even for a flying squirrel, it'll be a long flight home.


©2007-2019 Lisa Loucks Christenson All Rights Reserved