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"If you are a band looking for someone to host your website. Look no further - is the best. They have great templates that are easy to use and really nice. Being in full control of my website, with the easy format they have set up is great. You don't have to know anything about web design to build a great looking, fully functional website. They have THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen. No matter what time of the day or night, they are there for you. I am very happy that I found them. I was with another service for almost a year, and dropped them like a rock to get on board with Come join us, you wont be disappointed!"

Mike Cee
"I would like to say that I am really impressed with the service I have received from RockBandSites. First of all, I love the idea of knowing I can make changes to my own site. In addition, RockBandSites gives me the comfort of knowing that at anytime I need help, they are there promptly. They have been understanding, prompt, and reliable assisting me with the website--before, during and even now. I really enjoy working with these guys."

Raenee Robinson
Daughter of Ray Charles and President, RCR Productions
"I know nothing about websites and I like it that way. Thankfully has made it easy for me to make my band's site look like I know what I'm doing. It's incredibly easy and fast to update and change our site and they are more than helpful when I have questions. These guys rule."

Nabil Ayers
"RockBandSites has exceeded all expectations we had hoped for. From the extremely easy user interfaces to their immediate attention to any questions or changes we have asked of them. I would highly recommend RockBandSites to any band out there looking for great hosting or web development."

John Kirsch
“The team at rock band sites has been great to work with. Quick to respond and patient...they've gone above and beyond the call to help us get our new site retrofitted with their tools and launched. The site is working great, and the content management system kicks ass!”

Brendon Smyth
“With all of the totally sweet features that Rockbandsites offers, my most favorite feature is the client service. During the course of the past 12 months that I have been a client of RBS, I have frequently had new ideas, or questions for customer service. Every time, within minutes, I have an informative response and solution to my inquiry. I love these guys with all of my mind, body, heart, and highly-volumized, totally sweet hair.”

Brandon Ghorley
“Before RBS, I was paying over a hundred dollars a month to have someone else make minor, monthly updates to my website. Because I know nothing about coding or any of that jazz, I didn't have any other choice then. Since switching to these guys, I can update everything myself easily and whenever I want and also pay just a flat and very cheap monthly rate. Thank God for a web-hosting company that helps the indie artist save what little money we have, and understands that we are musicians and not computer programmers.”

"Like most musicians, I’d rather spend my time playing music than formatting tables, re-sizing popup windows and closing style tags, let alone troubleshooting a server or figuring out how to get my audio files to stream. Before I found Rock Band Sites, maintaining even a humble website was a major pain in the ass. Now it’s actually a lot of fun—and it’s fast. I can post updates immediately, and the staff has been helpful beyond words in making this possible. Rock Band Sites is a great resource for musicians with better things to do than learn how to code web pages.

I’ve heard a hundred musician friends say to me “I have a friend who builds websites, and he/she is gonna hook me up for free.” (You’ve probably heard this before, too.) In my experience, this always ends up the same way: a few pages get built, and then the site goes stale as the “friend” gets tired of updating your show calendar every week. Pretty soon you’re left with an outdated site that you can’t access, and a friend who won’t return your phone calls. Stop me if this sounds familiar…

Rock Band Sites puts control of your website in your hands, for a reasonable price and all while providing the best service in the industry. Their code is excellent, their servers are optimized for musician-friendly technologies like streaming audio and quick file uploads for photo galleries, and their designs rock. I see no reason why any musician in need of a great website would go anywhere else."

Patrick Porter
"We needed a website that could be managed on the fly with new pictures and articles to be added on a continuous basis plus be able to do mass emailing and get donations online (for starters.) I mentioned this to a friend and he told me about RockBandSites and what they could do for us. I have to tell you these two have a truly great thing going here. RBS is soooo user friendly even a computer novice (like me) can manage a website. We have received a tremendous amount of praise for our website. These guys are way easy to work with and in my case the patience level was very high! I highly recommend this company!!!"

Jeff Guidry
"The single best thing for a working band about hosting your site with Rock Band Sites is the ability to edit your site anywhere at anytime. I often update my site at 3AM from a hotel room while on the road. Rock Band Sites is also amazingly responsive to requests for updating site features and have enabled me to have a much more inviting and interactive web destination than I was able to do on my own."

Rik Wright
"Before being hosted by, my band struggled trying to get a strong internet presence. We tried the customer-unfriendly, pop-up happy, hard-to-navigate 'free' hosting services. We even got a friend to design a website for us, but it was completely amateur-looking, and it was useless trying to get him to update it regularly. It was a complete nightmare, so we decided that we would each put in 5 bucks a month and get it done professionally by RBS. Not only were the staff members experts at figuring out what my band needed online, but they offered a website design rate that made everyone else's fees seem absolutely ridiculous! The only problem we've had since we switched to RBS, is that now I have no one to blame but myself if fans on our e-mail list list don't know what's going on. I can't point my finger at anyone if the pictures & video footage from our last concert weren't uploaded, or if we missed a show offer because of misdirected email. RBS makes it so easy for an ordinary guy like me, who had no HTML or website experience to upload, update, and communicate with fans & business people. Thanks!"

Joe D. Wiles
"Our webmaster had quit the band and we were in a quandary trying to find someone who would take over the site IMMEDIATELY. I contacted RockBandSites due to a recommendation – and they started the ball rolling that day! Within 3 days they had us set up and ready to roll! They have been absolutely WONDERFUL to work with – very patient and responsive. They are on top of our needs within no time – and I even receive responses from them late into the evening when I run into an issue I can’t solve on my own. Their service has been a godsend for a ‘website dummy’ like me!"

Donna-Sue Howatson
"The guys at Rock Band Sites are pros. They provide a professional service at amateur prices. For someone as non-technical as myself, the do-it-yourself site management tools are a lifesaver. The fact that I can add pictures and show info without having to know code makes life a lot easier - remember the last time you had a friend host your site and you had to e-mail or call him with updates and wait for him to do it for you? No more. This is all about self-empowerment. It makes me feel like I matter, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you Rock Band Sites!"

"RockBandSites has been instrumental in the advancement of my company. The comprehensive editing tools are perfect for a professional looking site and beneficial to those who don't know HTML coding.The staff is very helpful and willing to work with each customer so that they have the best experience."

Elizabeth Benavidez
" has tapped into a market that was previously lacking a solid IT solution. It has bridged a gap allowing artists to actually update their own websites without having to be “computer savvy.” As a band manager, has made my life a thousand times easier. I can easily upload information to the site as often as needed. It is the best thing since sliced bread."

Ronda Sallee
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