Chigger Creek Rihanna

Chigger Creek Rihanna

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Chigger Creek Rihanna 

Angel Season Series

Episode  2

Word Count: 45-60 pages

Release: TBA 

Genre: YA Paranormal, Supernatural

Author: By L. L. Christenson

Rihanna lives in the remote town of Chigger Creek, a few miles north of Ely, Minnesota, a rural community with a population of less than 77 people. She and her parents run Chigger Creek Outfitters, a second generation family business with their home built into their outfitters operation.

Chigger Creek Outfitters is the last supply shop and canoe rental, and has four bunkhouses surrounded by pine trees they rent out to their worldwide clientele of outdoorsmen, and a place to get a good bed and night of sleep, one that offers a quiet place to rest—usually. 

Lately, the nights aren't filled with songs of the loons, no one is sure what has changed, they agree that something has changed, and whatever it is , it's upsetting the natural balance of their historically calm and peaceful nights.

Everyone in Chigger Creek claims they know each other, but Rihanna is the only person who knows them all—but only because she gathers their news and stories and blogs about them on her Web site, CHIGGER CREEK RIHANNA. Everyone who has ever visited Chigger Creek, or read Rihanna's stories, has stopped by to grab a picture with her. Most everyone says she has a true calling as a storyteller what they don't know is she has another gift too.

Rihanna astral travels, but not only that, she has an internal instinct that calls her to investigate things she dreams about. When a series of her dreams wakes her urging her to follow the path and signs in her dreams, Rhianna finds out there's a new family, some people from Minneapolis area that recently bought up all the lake property around Divine Lake.

The elusive family who never shops in town, and to date––has never been seen in daylight, makes her suspicious of them. With her reporter’s instinct on high drive, she seeks out a chance opportunity to meet the newest family in town. She's hoping to get her best story ever about Faye Darrington’s lakefront properties on Divine Lake, and the family she sold them to.

Will the cries of the evening loons drown out the sounds on the unnatural, will Rianna’s curiosity be the end of her popular blog?