October 2004: Home Intruder: "Where's Your Daddy?", Finding "Ben", Episode Two by Lisa "Doe"

October 2004: Home Intruder: "Where's Your Daddy?", Finding "Ben", Episode Two by Lisa "Doe"

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Finding “Ben”, Episode Two Blurb:

Finding “Ben” is a series of true crime events that really happened, with evidence photos and puzzles for you to figure out if you want to. Most of these incidents only create more questions, and I’ve been putting the evidence together for over two decades.


Looking back, I thought about the day Anthony from the Minneapolis FBI called me. We talked for a bit and then said, “Lisa, this is the FBI. You don’t get to pick your agent!”

When I put it in a bold typeface, it shares how I heard his words. I’m still trying to understand whether his tone commanded his use of an exclamation point. Sometimes when I think about it, I try to soften his words. I tone it down and I try and block his sarcasm, or was he speaking from the heart?

Other times I only allow myself to hear him speaking in the voice of “Fred” on my MacBook Pro, who speaks in a monotone alliteration matching the “characters” that changed my life.

I understood. I knew by his words, then, and forever, whatever came to me in my future, I was not going to have the help I needed to solve this.

The more I searched for “Ben” the faster I stepped across the line of being the Town Joke—in three counties. The more I looked for answers and turned over every rock, I would tangle myself deeper into the spider’s web. I didn’t have to wonder. I’d become the proverbial 17-year locust, caught in their web, and I would spend the next 17 years looking for the trapline, because there was never going to be help.

I have never forgotten Anthony’s words he used between the quotes.

This is for Anthony, maybe you’ll see this: OK. Anthony, apparently, I did pick my own agent. At least he claimed to be one of yours. I paid him over $10K too, and you might be interested in how I had to get him his money. I trust you still have have the paperwork. Maybe you want to re-visit it now?