Who Sewed the Fox's Face? Did He Know the Sparrow?

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For the FBI: The CO didn't answer when I called. The Olmsted Country Sheriff didn't come either. I was told, "I had to let nature take its own."

I've lived with this for years, always thinking back to that poor fox I watched for an hour, roadside, waiting and hoping someone in law enforcement would show up. They didn't. I had to go pick my daughter up at school, I had a time limit. I had to leave the poor creature.

When I looked at it the other night, while putting my Walk the Burn exhibit together trying to decide whether or not to include it, I believe the eyes and face looked stitched. They did years ago, too, but I didn't know what mange did to an animal, considering how this creature was bleeding every time it moved, a cracked tail, cracks all over its body, I thought it was just mange. 

Is there a forensic expert that can prove or disprove this? If so, I want you to look at some raccoon pictures too. The fly life cycle is all wrong. When I talked to a forensic expert last year, at my store, he paused when I said, "No, the eyeballs were still in the raccoon."