Wolves of Whitewater Documentary

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Spring Flood 2007

Episode 1

The Wolves of Whitewater

CoyWolf Entertainment

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

This documentary is still in progress.

The first episode begins on the day of spring flood, March 14, 2007. Lisa, along  with Bee and Ken, two conservationofficer students from Saint Paul, Minnesota. They arrived at the agreed spot as the first pink clouds floated overhead atthe start of the day. One that would be like no other, as they went off to explore the valley in search of the wolves thatlived there.

Several bluffs later, by the time they reached the area of the wolves, Lisa looked down and pointed to creek an an howit had taken control of the entire low areas. She said, "We need to get out of here. Now!" The river had filled the entirevalley floor since their climb up the last bluff. 

There was no time to walk down, the snow was covering muddy ground or the next step became a three foot drift,entrapping their every step, while melting into the flash flood below. They instead, opted to slide down  the bluff, weaimed our bodies toward the lower ground, 900 feet below, but always with grasp of the small trees, that would stop usand slow our speed, usually just long enough to get hold of the next sapling. The fresh  29" of snow was melting sofast, hiking it was more treacherous and causing us to get stuck in the drifts or fall. The dry ravines had turned into arushing waterfalls: there was no time left. There was no where else to go. 

There was no where to climb up, the water was pouring around them, and the valley floor was already waist deep andrushing. With nowhere to go, they tread through the icy flood waters to get around the foothills of the bluff they'd sliddown. The only way out was to climb back up into another side of the bluff, and cross the waterfall on a 10-inch logthat gave us our escape  to the other side, and hopefully, would lead them out.

Beaver creek had overflowed its banks and had already claimed the road where they'd just come out of, underwater atleast 4-12 feet, if not more. It was on a good weather day, only minimum maintenance. That day, however, they werenot sure if their truck would be there, and if so, if the road ahead wasn't already underwater.  

Lisa is also the author and illustrator of another #1 best-selling fictional series, The Wolves of Whitewater Falls, thisdocumentary, however, is the true story of the real wolves found in the Whitewater Valley.